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Founded in a picturesque region of Connecticut near an area known as “the Notch,” our firm is surrounded by quintessential small New England towns, larger metropolitan regions and hundreds of thousands of households that rely upon the critical fuels and in-home services offered by privately owned heating and cooling companies. At Notch Capital, we fully grasp the importance of these companies in the fuel source ecosystem, and we are built to support a practical approach to navigating the energy transition. We recognize that this scene is repeated in many regions and therefore we seek to invest in companies throughout the country with a particular focus on the eastern United States.

More Possibilities

The delivered fuels and HVAC services sectors are facing new demands from environmental and other regulatory initiatives, and our decades of industry experience allow us to approach investment opportunities through a discriminating lens.  Today’s industry buzzword is “alternatives,” and while we believe a responsible balance of alternative energy sources, renewable fuels, and fossil fuels is important, we also understand business owners need alternative capital sources and investment structures to tackle today’s challenges.   Founders and family members can elect to sell their business in its entirety or choose to sell a majority position, continue in a key management role and retain a stake to benefit from future growth.

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Jeff Simpson looks into the camera with a slight smile on his face.

Our Founder

Jeffrey Simpson, Managing Member

Jeff Simpson has forged a 20+ year career specializing in building the value of businesses in the home heating, cooling and retail distributed fuels industry. Jeff’s experience in this specialized industry includes a rare mix of operations experience, mergers and acquisition negotiations, financial advisory support to senior management and securing the capital necessary to effectively operate and grow. He has also served as the asset manager of a niche industry private equity fund investing in lower middle market companies.

Deeply ingrained with industry dealmakers, trade associations and debt and equity providers, Jeff has been an integral participant in transactions within the fuel distribution and home service industry. After serving as Managing Director of Angus Energy’s Advisory & Finance Group and asset manager of Angus Fund, L.P., he founded Notch Capital to bring a wider range of capital solutions to the historically underserved home heating and cooling services industry. Jeff previously held positions on the energy finance teams at RenRe Energy Advisors Ltd., Citizens Financial Group and UPS Capital Business Credit and began his career in an operations role with Shipley Energy Group. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Villanova University and a Juris Doctor from the Syracuse University College of Law.

Jeff currently serves as board member and Treasurer for Northern Central Railway of York, a Pennsylvania historical excursion railroad and educational non-profit, and previously served on the board of a New York City-based home heating and cooling company.